Victorian Jewelry (1840 - 1890)

Victorian era jewelry spans nearly a century, from the early Victorian (romantic period) of 1837-1861 to the mid Victorian era (grand period) of 1861-1880. The late Victorian era dates from 1880 to 1900. The Victorian era produced spectacular jewelry with the tone set by Queen Victoria in the early part of the century. Snake jewelry, a symbol of everlasting love, was a motif that recured throughout the 19th century. Other popular jewelry and gemstones included hairwork jewelry, coral, mogul jewelry (such as tigers claws and teeth), revivalist jewelry and gold rush jewelry (gold quartz). Archelogical discoveries prompted jewelry styles from ancient and medieval cultures. Celtic, Egyptian, Etruscan, Mogul (India), Roman and Renaissance all became popular. Micro mosaic jewelry, tiny bits of glass or tesserae, are pieced together to form a picture.
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