Aaron Basha

Established in 1906, Aaron Basha is a luxury jewelry house most known for their whimsical Baby Shoes collection. With family as a guiding philosophy, Aaron Basha designs are exclusively crafted in Italy with a distinct design element to celebrate the important milestones in life. Our collection of pre-owned Aaron Basha includes jewelry from across the decades and style spectrum.

Adolfo Courrier

Adolfo Courrier is a famed Italian jewelry company known for distinct hand-crafted jewelry. Enameled bands with pops of color are a signature of the brand. Our collection of pre-owned Adolfo Courrier pieces highlights jewelry from across the style spectrum.

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Angela Cummings Designer Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Antique, Vintage & Estate Jewelry Collections

Antique, Vintage & Estate Jewelry Collections

With fresh inventory added daily we understand why so many of our loyal customers visit us daily! The one of a kind jewelry we offer calls for a quick decision. With our full money back guarantee you can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied. Shop our collection of the latest fine antique & estate jewelry. We travel extensively throughout the United States and the world to bring you the best antique, vintage & designer jewelry available.

Antonini Designer Jewelry

Since 1919, Italian jewelry house Antonini has been creating timeless jewelry utilizing high quality craftsmanship. Our collection of pre-owned Antonini includes jewelry from across the decades and style spectrum.

Art Deco Jewelry (1920 - 1935)

Art Deco Jewelry (1920 - 1935)

The Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s burst forth with a great amount of exuberance. Piling on the jewels was the way to go. Pearls remained popular and endless variations of the diamond platinum bracelet were prominent. Waistless dresses were embellished with plaque brooches, bar pins and jeweled ornaments.

Rings in geometric forms with hexagonal and octagonal shapes were adorned with diamonds and colorful gemstones. Domed and step mounts allowed all the beauty of the gemstones to sparkle through. Enameled work in colorful configurations draw the eye.

Art Nouveau Jewelry (1890 - 1915)

Art Nouveau Jewelry (1890 - 1915)

The Art Nouveau style shone brightly and generated passion for a short while at the turn of the century from 1895 to 1910. The Art Nouveau era was distilled by the French, yet the foundation for its distinct look of line and form was influnced by the British Arts & Crafts movement.

There were many practitioners of the Nouveau style in France, yet the work of one man, Rene Lalique defined the era.

The use of gemstones and other materials, enameling and motifs from nature were all popular during the era. Art Nouveau jewelry is more three dimensional and asymmetrical. The female face and body, both naked and clothed, were predominant figures for interpretation in rings, pendants and brooches. Other favourites from the era included butterflies and dragonflies, slithering snakes that represented unending love and mythical creatures. The botanical influence includes the use of irises, pansies, poppies, water lilies and trailing vines. Like a rich dessert that is difficult to digest, the stylistic excess and commercialization of Art Nouveau jewelry contributed to its demise by 1915.

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Indulge in our collection of antique & vintage brooches. From the classic to the whimsical there is something that is sure to draw the eye!


Buccellati jewelry highlights incomparable techniques in goldsmithing. From the ‘rampage’ technique of reproducing leaves highlighted throughout the entire collection to the fabric like designs set with sparkling diamonds.  Our collection of pre-owned Buccellati jewelry includes pieces from Mario and Gianmaria Buccellati crossing many styles and eras.

Bulgari / Bvlgari Jewelry

Since 1884 and founded in Rome by Sotirio Bulgari, the iconic Italian brand is known for exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent jewels set with the finest colored gemstones and diamonds sourced from around the globe. Our collection of pre-owned Bulgari includes jewelry from across the decades and style spectrum.

Carrera y Carrera

Since 1885 and founded in Spain by Saturio Esteban Carrera, Carrera y Carrera jewelry highlights unique, sculptural designs with inspirations from the animal kingdom to mythology. The signature ‘Las Manos’ collection features women’s hands, elegantly crafted and set with diamonds. Our collection of pre-owned Carrera y Carrera pieces includes jewelry from across the decades and style spectrum.


Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, regarded as one of the most prestigious jewelry manufactures in the world. From the Love collection created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo to the iconic Trinity collection that was first conceived in 1924 with intertwined bands of white, rose and yellow gold representing friendship, fidelity and love. Our collection of pre-owned Cartier jewelry spans the decades.  

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