Vintage 60s Folding Picture Frame Orb Pendant Charm 14k Yellow Gold Fob Jewelry




Finely detailed vintage folding picture charm (circa 1960s) crafted in 14 karat yellow gold.

The orb features three picture frames that expand and retract flush into the orb in one fluid movement. A total of three picture frames are located within the interior of the orb. The pictures frames are medium in scale and will accommodate an approx. 14mm sized picture (0.55 inches). The pictures frames are open (no plastic or glass protectors). The extrior of the orb features a florentine finish for a muted gold effect.

The piece is in very good condition. We have not cleaned the piece in order to preserve the patina and collector value.


Weight: 14 grams

Stones: N/A

Size & Measurements: The orb measures 20mm diameter (0.78 inches).

Metal & Hallmark: 14 karat yellow gold. The orb is not hallmarked though it has tested positive for 14k gold.


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