Egyptian Scarb Beetle Flip Ring Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Faience Swivel Sz 5.5




Ornate Egyptian scarab beetle ring (circa 1960s), crafted in 14 karat yellow gold.

Centrally mounted green stone (Egyptian Faience) is hand carved in the form of a scarab beetle, a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Egyptian Faience is a non-clay glazed ceramic typically found in shades of green, blue or turquoise with carvings on both sides of the stone. The side mounts are hinged to allow the ring to move forward or backwards to 'flip' or 'swivel' in 360 degree motion. In keeping with the Egyptian theme of the ring, the underside of the stone is hand carved with ancient hieroglyphics (often carved to highlight a god(s), good luck symbols or have a family significance).

The ring is in very good condition. We have not cleaned the ring in order to preserve the patina and collector value.


Weight: 6.3 grams

Stones: Centrally mounted green stone (Egyptian Faience) measures 17mm x 13mm.

Size & Measurements: The ring is a size 5 1/2 (sizable). The mount measures 19mm in length (0.74 inches) and 13.5mm wide (0.53 inches), rising 8mm from the finger.

Metal & Hallmark: 14 karat yellow gold. The ring is hallmarked "14k".


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