70s Natural Gold Nugget Bracelet Vintage Square Link 7.5" Real Organic Jewelry




Stylish and finely detailed vintage natural gold nugget bracelet crafted in 10 karat yellow gold (the gold nuggets range from 18k to 20k).

The classic 70s era bracelet features square panels (10k gold) with natural gold nuggets attached to the top of each link. The effect is an organic, rich buttery look that reflects the design movement of the 1970s when bold gold pieces were all the rage. The bracelet is great worn alone or layered with your fine jewelry from any era.

The bracelet is in very good condition. We have not cleaned it in order to preserve the patina and collector value. 


Weight: 29.6 grams

Stones: N/A 

Size & Measurements: The bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches in length and is 13mm wide 0.51 inches).

Metal & Hallmark: 10 karat yellow gold (18k to 20k gold nuggets). Note: the base of the clasp is gold filled (marked '1/20-12k G.F'). Each of the panels is hallmarked '10k' and 'KW'


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